Community Programming Fund


The Office of Student Conduct Community Programming Fund is furnished by student conduct fines submitted as a result of Code of Student Conduct violations.

The Fund is used by the Office of Student Conduct to partner with other Georgetown University departments, faculty, and officially recognized student organizations by co-sponsoring programs that are designed to educate, engage and/or enhance students in their co-curricular activities.

Request Information

Requests for support from the Fund must be submitted online at least one (2) weeks prior to the program date and include a brief overview of the following:

  • Purpose of the program;
  • Format of the program; and
  • Target audience to be served.

In order for a funding request to be considered, the co-sponsored program must be promoted to the entire campus community and open to all Georgetown University students.  The Office of Student Conduct will give the following initiatives the greatest consideration:

  • Programs co-sponsored between faculty/staff and students; and
  • Programs that offer late-night and/or weekend alternatives to the typical “party” scene.

Annual Report

The Office of Student Conduct may publish an annual report detailing the funds contributed and distributed through the Fund.  Additionally, the report may contain the departments, organizations, and programs benefitted through the Fund.

Request Form

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