Pay a Fine, Fee, or Restitution

Methods of Payment

The Office of Student Conduct will accept payment for fines and fees via the following methods.  You may only use one method of payment.

  1. GOCard Debit Dollars – You may request to charge your fine/fee to your GOCard Debit Dollars account by filling out the Payment Request Form and selecting “GOCard Debit Dollars” as your “Payment Method.”
  2. Student Accounts – You may request to charge your fine/fee to your student account by filling out the Payment Request Form and selecting “Student Account” as your “Payment Method.”

Converting Fines to Work Sanction Hours

Fines may be converted to work sanction hours at a rate of 1 hour for every $15. Once converted to hours, the student may not convert the hours back into the fine. Fees and Restitution payments may not be converted to Work Sanction Hours.

If you would like to convert your fine to work sanction hours, please email with your request.

Off-Campus Trash/Property Maintenance Payments

If your household received a trash/property maintenance fine, please submit one payment per residence.

Late or Incomplete Payments

Any fines and fees that have not been completely paid by your due date will be doubled and, if you fail to follow up, may be automatically charged to your student account at the end of the semester. It is your responsibility to ensure that the payment amount you request on the Payment Request Form reflects the appropriate amount detailed in your decision letter.

If you have any questions regarding the amount of your payment, please contact

Payment Request Form