Appeals Timeline

Appeals will typically be reviewed and decided within approximately two business weeks of their submission. This timeline may vary depending on the time of year. If a decision is appealed within or after the last two weeks of spring semester classes, that appeal will, under typical circumstances, be reviewed and decided when the standing Appeals Committee resumes meeting in the Fall Semester. If you have questions about when your appeal may be decided, please contact

Sanctions Held in Abeyance

Any sanctions imposed through a Hearing or through Administrative Action are held in abeyance until the deadline for submission of a Statement of Appeal has passed. Once a student has submitted a Statement of Appeal, their sanction(s) will continue to be held in abeyance pending the final appeal decision outcome.

Note:  Sanctions are not held in abeyance for the following circumstances:

  • Interim Suspension;
  • Off-Campus Party Restrictions;
  • Certain sanctions imposed under the summer system (see also: “Summer Session Appeals” in the Code of Student Conduct).