Student Conduct Procedures

The student conduct system exists to handle infractions of University rules and regulations. This system is based on a philosophy of fairness for all parties affected by any situation involving a student’s non-compliance with a University policy or regulation. It is designed to be an educational system and does not function as a court of law. Therefore, procedural issues, including the introduction and consideration of evidence, are handled in a manner consistent with that educational focus. Where the allegations are more serious, and therefore the consequences more serious, the rules of procedure are structured appropriately. The student conduct system is not a substitute for the criminal and civil courts but an additional option for Complainants when the alleged violator is an enrolled Georgetown University student.

See the Code of Student Conduct for information about which potential policy violations are typically handled through which of these procedures.

Administrative Action

Administrative Action is the resolution of a case by a Conduct Officer, as designated by the Office of Student Conduct. The Conduct Officer has the ability to find a student responsible for violations of the Code of Student Conduct and assign sanctions.

Sexual Misconduct Procedures

The Sexual Misconduct Policies and Procedures are a supplement to the Code of Student Conduct. They are designed to provide for prompt, thorough, and equitable investigation and resolution of complaints that involve allegations of Sexual Misconduct filed against University students through the student conduct system.

Standard Hearing Procedures

The Office of Student Conduct may refer a case to a Hearing for a Standard Hearing Board to resolve under the following circumstances:

  • When the student denies engaging in behaviors that, under typical first-time circumstances, may result in disciplinary suspension or dismissal;
  • When a student fails to respond to a complaint that, under typical first-time circumstances, may result in disciplinary suspension or dismissal; and/or
  • When the Office of Student Conduct determines that the facts are best determined by a Standard Hearing Board.