Student Conduct Hearing Board

*Please note that the Student Conduct Hearing Board is distinct from the Honor Council that handles issues of academic misconduct.

The Student Conduct Hearing Board adjudicates cases involving some of the most serious violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Hearing Board members are dedicated students, staff, and faculty who play a vital role in supporting Georgetown’s ideals of active care of concern for the well-being of others.

The Office of Student Conduct handles non-academic issues; typical cases brought before a panel of Hearing Board members may include physical assault, sexual assault, illegal drugs, and/or harassment/bullying. In a hearing, the panel acts as a fact-finding body that hears each student’s side of the story, weighs the evidence, and deliberates to determine the outcome of the case. If a student is found in violation of the Code by majority vote, the Hearing Board then issues a corresponding sanction.

Become a Hearing Board Member

We invite faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students to join the Hearing Board. By becoming a member of the Hearing Board you will contribute to an environment that thoughtfully balances the interests of the individual with the values of the community.

Time Commitment

Hearing Board Members can expect to serve on approximately one to two hearings per year. A hearing can last the better part of a day and will generally take place on campus during a weekday.

Training for Hearing Board members takes place annually at the beginning of the Spring semester. Training will be conducted virtually, with some independent preparation ahead of the training. Members are expected to participate fully in training in order to be eligible to serve on hearings. Additional training will be required for members interested in serving on Title IX/Sexual Misconduct hearings. Members will also have opportunities to participate in ongoing Lunch ‘n Learn trainings throughout the year.

Prospective Student Members

Please submit an application to become a student member of the Hearing Board by Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 11:59pm. If selected, you will be required to participate in a two virtual half-day morning trainings on Friday, January 21 and Friday, February 4 in order to be eligible to serve on hearings in 2022.

Prospective Faculty and Staff Members

Please email to express your interest in serving as a member of the Hearing Board. Be sure to include information about your current role on campus, what makes you interested in serving on the hearing board, and any limitations on your availability.